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I have been working out with Babitha for the last one year . She is a wonderful trainer with good knowledge of fitness and a great motivator who can encourage the client though her passion for fitness.
Binu Kiran
Fitness enthusiast
If you are looking out for being fit healthy and strong so Brio is the right place for you. Brio is just fantastic where you have well trained and certified trainer who helps you to reach your fitness goals.For that, I thank My trainer Babita mam and her team for helping me to get myself healthy and strong than I have been in a long time ..well maintained with all the necessary equipmentsfor strength training ,cardio and rehab. Discover yourself with a new whole healthy life at Brio.
Sama Mohammed
Fitness enthusiast
Fitness at Brio with Babitha started for me only as a means to an end: to shed a few kilos which I couldn’t do with gyms and diet regimens! But on working out in her company, I realised fitness isn’t just that ,it’s a wholesome outlook to the self.. the programme itself aims at refining and boosting the morale.. and eating healthy real food became a regular practice in my household even for my kids.. that is something brio helped me achieve.. thank you and hope to explore higher fitness levels with you..
Dr Sathya Sunil
My search for a fitness centre ends at at Brio which is run by Babitha Rajkumar.I frequent this place atleast 5 times a week having my best experiences of working out.I choose pilates and prime package which are trained alternatively. my sessions are tailored based on my needs, requests and my body conditions pushing me towards positive changes. compassion towards training sets my trainer apart from anyone else..Babitha mam thinks outside the box to keep me engaged and excited about every day’s workouts and I constantly feel like I’m learning something new.
Fitness enthusiast.
A novel fitness center finally in our neighborhood with a unique concept based training, fitness, group sessions and rehab facilities. It houses highly professional and qualified trainers. My personal trainer Babitha Rajkumar is my inspiration.
Dr Raji Velmurugan
Fitness enthusiast.
12 months and counting with BRIO. My Second home for a reason. Having been called Fat, Thick, plump last few years had put me off and made me run away from People. When I had nowhere to hide, I found Mrs. Babitha and her niche techniques in terms of Strength and Functional Training. She teaches the art and explains how your body works on every movement she gives and will make you walk through your body and mind. I regained my confidence with her advice and compliments in my every tiny accomplishment.
She has a team of Experts with the Similar style of making people fit the Right way. Learning from her and Mr. Ramees, shedding few pounds have become secondary and Gaining strength has become the major part of my life. I was a girl, who couldn’t lift Empty Barbell in the beginning. I was gradually motivated and strengthened and NOW, I’m not embarrassed to let you all know that I lift heavy weights with the right form and posture. Coaches here are incredibly supportive and make me more confident every day. From then, I never wanted to look at the weighing scale, rather, I look up to increase lifting weights.
There are always new exercises and it’s always fun and never gets boring. Corrective exercises and advice on diets at the right time keeps me in pace.
I highly recommend BRIO to all Women and also Men who are looking forward to making some Healthy Lifestyle Changes. BRIO is taking the Fitness Training to the Next Level.
Deepika K
Business Development Head, Nova Group of Companies.
Thanks Babitha for all the guidance and support as now I am enjoying the bliss of pain free living ….My shoulder pain which aggravates after few minutes of intense continuous work has completely healed after training with Babitha..Now I can do work or play for long hours without any problem..Thanks once again Babitha for all the guidance and support…