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Group Exercise Classes



Brio’s Prime is a small group class which focuses on strength and endurance of the client in a progressive way. Our strength training is based on free weights and body weight exercises along with a comprehensive flexibility component.

Personal Traning

It is a one to one session where the trainer works with the client based on their specific goals.

Strength Traning

To keep the fat off for good, strength training is helpful. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate and toning your body in the shape desired.

Mat Pilates

Pilates is the core programme of Brio fitness. We do mat Pilates classes using props applying the principles of Pilates. Pilates is a mind-body programme developed over 100 years ago by German-born Joseph Pilates.


Barre classes are group classes which mix elements of Pilates, dance and functional movements. The moves are choreographed to motivational music. Brio facilitates the bar and the exercise equipment like mini ball and hand weights to sculpt the entire body.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehab programmes are one to one sessions focusing on people who need programmes addressing their lifestyle concerns like neck and lower back issues.