Be The Better You

What do you train for?
Here is my story…
A few years ago, I trained primarily to make myself efficient to do long hours of cardio sessions to conduct aerobic classes with baby weights. There were days when I thought this was my ideal training. Next when the body started to whisper and even cry at times, then there came in an element of correction, alignment and movement….,. Of course, I needed a fall to heal. And then, the vision evolved. The ideal was no longer my ideal. My training, my motivation, and my purpose wavered. Now it is to train for strength and power. I realized that I set the bar for transformation. And my competition? It’s my previous best self. What are you training for? Remember, you get to decide what your ideal is and you define what success is. You’ll never lack motivation when you do this.

Everyone who trains at Brio has a story to share .. let’s hear yours too, who knows .. there may come a day when a person walks to you to just say .. hey dude, you are my inspiration !!! This is my short story, Babitha Rajkumar, fitness enthusiast and founder of Brio fitness.


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